Desperado Motel

Desperado Motel is a pretty nasty place. There’s garbage cans all over the place and no one ever cleans up. That’s because this seedy motel is where the shadiest of all riffraff come to lay low.

I’ve had this idea for a motel since Left 4 Dead came out. The Idea back then was a survivor map called Motel Desperado, but the neon lights would flicker leaving only Motel Dead lit. I would work on it on and off, but it never got finished. I’ve resurrected the idea, but instead of being a zombie apocalypse I leaned toward more of a film noir atmosphere.

For this project, I gave myself five weeks to learn cryENGINE 3. I used Ndo2 to get all the tiling textures done and a combination of Zbrush and Sub-D modeling to get some custom pieces into the scene. All of the textures are hand painted with only a few that use photos.